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What is Wayuco?

T-shirts with Augmented Reality and a bit of madness!

These are our ingredients to give a little colour to this world. At Wayuco we strive to tell stories that make you smile, in exclusive 100% cotton t-shirts, like never before. Thanks to Augmented Reality technology and a touch of creativity, each t-shirt is transformed into an unexpected new reality. Behind each of our models there is the work of a team of creatives, computer scientists, graphic designers and animators who work hard to let you dress and have fun like never before.

Life is all about having fun, and if we can protect ourselves from the cold with an awesome T-shirt at the same time, so much the better 🙂

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is using technology to superimpose information on the world we see. For example, images and sounds are superimposed over what the user sees and hears. Picture the “Minority Report” or “Iron Man” style of interactivity.

This is rather different from virtual reality. Virtual reality means computer-generated environments for you to interact with, and being immersed in. Augmented reality (also known as AR), adds to the reality you would ordinarily see rather than replacing it.

Augmented reality is often presented as a kind of futuristic technology, but it’s been around in some form for years, if your definition is loose. For example, the heads-up displays in many fighter aircraft as far back as the 1990s would show information about the attitude, direction and speed of the plane, and only a few years later they could show which objects in the field of view were targets.