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How does it work? / Technical specifications

It is very easy, download our free application, focus one of our t-shirts with your phone or tablet and it will come out a surprising animation.


Why you not see the animation?


1. Maybe your device is a little old and does not have the necessary for the application to work well.


2. It can also happen that’re too far from the t-shirts. The distance to see the animation is one meter, the further the application does not recognize the design.


3. The device works by recognizing the image, if the shirt is very wrinkled or very low light application may have trouble functioning.

Technical specifications

For animations of our t-shirts can be seen in all mobile devices, however little old it may be, we have developed two different versions of our application.


1. The standard version (for mobile upper-middle range). This version requires a support with minimal performance. Just for Android version 4.1 Jelly Bean (2012), and for Iphone with IOS 7.1.2 (2010) version. With it you can see all Wayuco shirts, regardless of design and animation have.


2. The Lite version (for low-end phones). This version works on virtually all mobile phones (yes, they should have camera, of course) without loss of quality animations. The only change from the standard version is that, for each different model, the user must download a specific version. For example, to see the animation of the shirt Involution, you must download the specific application of this model.